Payment Methods

PayPal® is the preferred payment method. U.S. Postal money orders are also accepted. All payments must be cleared and in full before any shipments will be made.


All orders will be shipped via FedEx through Ship Your Reptiles. Shipping charges will vary depending on the location and box size. (A purchase of more than one animal may require a larger box and therefore may result in a higher shipping rate.) All shipping supplies are included in the shipping cost. Shipments will only take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to decrease the chances for weekend delays. Shipping will only take place weather permitting. On days where temperatures are between 38 degrees Fahrenheit and 92 degrees Fahrenheit, shipments will be sent to the customer’s preferred receiving location. On days where temperatures are between 92 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, shipments will be held at the FedEx hub nearest to the customer’s preferred receiving location. Safe shipping temperatures are always at our discretion and we may choose to delay the shipment of your animal at any time if we feel it is unsafe. If shipment is delayed, the animal will receive care as normal, free of any additional charge. Shipment plans will be arranged with the customer prior to any shipment being made. An image providing the receiving address and tracking numbers will always be provided at time of shipment. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any sort of damages or delays on the behalf of the carrier.

Live Arrival Guaranteed

Live arrival is guaranteed for all shipments based on delivery time and address accuracy. The customer must contact us within two hours of the shipment arrival to remain eligible for the Live Arrival Guarantee. All shipments are sent to the address that is provided by the customer. A picture of the shipping label will be sent to the customer prior to shipment to ensure label accuracy. If the address must be changed for any reason, it must be changed prior to the shipment. If the given address is incorrect, causing a delivery delay, the Live Arrival Guarantee will be voided. It is recommended that shipments are sent to the customer’s place of employment if there is any doubt of the ability to receive the shipment due to employment.

Dead Upon Arrival

In the rare case that the received animal has perished during shipment, we must be notified within 2 hours of arrival. Photographic proof is necessary under any and all circumstances. We may ask for photographs of the animal in multiple positions to verify that the animal is deceased. store credit will be provided once the photographs are thoroughly examined.

Gecko Tails

Although rare, a gecko can drop its tail during shipments. Tail dropping is a completely natural process, and does not harm or devalue the animal at all. We do not offer discounts on tailless geckos and we do not offer a guarantee on gecko tails during shipping.

Sexing Policy

Any animal listed for sale as a definite male or female is guaranteed to be said sex. Any animal that is listed for sale as unsexed is not guaranteed as being either male or female. Any animal listed for sale as probable male is NOT guaranteed to be male and we are not held responsible if animal is female. Any animal listed for sale as probable female is NOT guaranteed to be female and we are not held responsible if animal is male. If you receive an animal that is guaranteed to be one sex and you receive the opposite, we will offer a full refund and by the customer choice, the animal will be shipped back to us at our expense.

Gecko Colors

Clear and accurate pictures will always be available for any animal that is posted for sale. Additional photographs will be provided upon request. The color or appearance is NEVER edited or photo shopped in any way to ensure photograph accuracy. Crested Gecko color can change drastically from hatchling to adult maturity. Because of this, we do not guarantee gecko color on any animal under 1 year of age.

Payment Plans

Payment plans will be offered on any sale (excluding auctions and special offers) upon request. A nonrefundable 25% down payment is required to secure any payment plan. Payment plans must be paid in full within 30 days of the nonrefundable down payment unless otherwise specified. If full payment is not made within the 30-day time period, the payment is forfeited and will not be refunded under any circumstance. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure payments are made within the required time frame and we are not required to send invoices, bills or reminders. Any special offer must be paid in full at time of purchase unless otherwise specified. No animals are held longer that 24 hours without a nonrefundable 25% deposit. All animals are sold based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Local Pickup

Local pickup can be arranged between Saginaw, MI and Flint, MI. We can also arrange for pickup at the Birch Run Reptile show or the Tinley Reptile show. We are able to aid in finding the schedule for either show for scheduling a pickup. We do not provide a storefront available for customer pickup.

All Sales Are Final!

Full refunds are rarely provided. We recommend you are 100% committed before sending a payment.

Final Note

Customer service and animal health and care are our number one priorities. If you experience any problems with your animals, do not hesitate to contact us!